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November 23rd, 2014 Posted by volunteers No Comment yet

Why would you want to volunteer at Surfshack Outreach Muizenberg? I tell you why.

A lot of the volunteering all over the world has become an industry. It’s all about what the project can do for you so you’ll have a great time and experience something new. You pay a lot of money so that you’ll be cared for and get most out of your stay abroad.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that. After all you pay some of your most likely hard earned money from some low paid student job on that stay and you’re going away from home to some place you’ve never been to, to people and a country you don’t know and some care wouldn’t be too bad.

Though you might ask yourself. Is it supposed to be about me? Is that why I volunteer? Why I want to serve someone else?

I personally think that to serve someone else, to leave your comfort zone to make someone else feel comfortable is the core of volunteering. Surfshack Outreach in Muizenberg, Cape Town gives you that chance!

David and Fiona Chudleigh started the outreach project because they saw the great need of these local kids who supposedly don’t have a bright future ahead. Through hard and passionate work they built up a home for some of the local township kids where they can come eat, do their homework, feel loved and most of all SURF.

Now trust me you will be cared for! Your well being and that you feel comfortable is very important to the Chudleigh’s. You’ll stay in a big apartment in Simon’s Town. The safest place you’ll find. It’s the little beautiful penguin town a 15-minute drive away from Muizenberg, where you’ll be working. You’ll be provided with a beautiful home, someone who’ll drive you to work and very good food. You will be around inspiring people who very deeply care for others, who do everything it takes so others can feel safe.

During the day you will have the chance to surf, occasionally prepare food for the children, do homework, play soccer, skate and most of all surf with them.

In your free time you will have the chance to see beautiful Cape Town. Trust me you’ll quickly fall for this one of a kind city and won’t be able to get enough of it. It’s diversity in people, culture, religion, food is so amazing. And I haven’t even begun to talk about its nature. Trust me you can google ‘table mountain’, ‘cape point’ or ‘robben island’ but the pictures won’t do it justice. It is just unspeakably beautiful.

This project is for anyone who wants to experience something new and exciting. It doesn’t matter if you can surf or not,  if you have experience in working with kids or not.

You should consider joining this wonderful organization if you feel like you want to give something back, something to someone who hasn’t been very fortunate.

As much as it seems that you’ll be serving others you’ll soon realize that this serves you. It made me grow up. The culture shock and the entire experience will leave you thankful beyond measure for what you do have, family, friends and just life.

This experience will change you for the better while you’re helping others. I say it’s a win win situation.

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